children attending many of the schools in remotes areas of Vanni come from a very poor back-round  living under poverty line. many cannot even afford a daily meal. Many of these kids turn up to the school without breakfast or do not turn up because they haven't had anything to eat. To address this problem of undernutrition , Sivan Arul developed a school feeding program buy supplying "Navaposa". Navaposha is made from 9 protein rich cereals adding coconut and small amount of sugar. These small packets are distributed to schools free of charge. Field workers are employed to supervise and report on these projects.

We have been pleased with the feed back from the school teachers and community workers.

Not only improving the nutritional status , it has also increased the attendance of the children to the school.

The added benifit is that this product is made in the factory and this gives job opportunity to our war affected ladies.

Currently individuals and organisations from UK, Australia and NZ are sponsoring these projects. There is an increase demand and requests from numerous schools in Vanni- We will be able to support as many as possible if there are more donors to help with this program.