About Us

Sivan Arul Illam Incorporated is a not-for-profit organisation registered in Australia and the United Kingdom to improve the lives of underprivileged children and adults in north-East and Upcountry Sri Lanka.

Originally established in 2005 as the Tsunami Rehabilitation Fund, Sivan Arul Illam was born in the wake of the peak of the Civil War in Northern Sri Lanka in 2009, as one of the few organisations permitted to enter Internally Displaced Person (IDP) Camps. Almost 10 years later, we continue to maintain a strong presence in the North, with a registered children’s home in Thiruketheeswaram, Mannar; where around 150 children are housed and educated to develop into well-rounded citizens with strong job prospects. To address the lack of job opportunities in woman-centred families, we have also established Sivan Arul Vocational Training and Production Centre to provide job opportunities and training mainly for single women with disabilities and injuries. A factory in Kilinochchi, bakery in Puthukudiyirruppu, and an integrated farm in Katsalimadu are established employing more than 150 people. We have a major emphasis on the education of children living under the poverty line, and this is achieved by creating educational support centres throughout the North-East and Upcountry. To date, 700 children are included in this program. Many livelihood assistance programs and revolving projects are in progress to assist war victims and single women.